Is Adopting A Pet Right For You?

Like most Americans, many of us bought dogs before we got involved in rescue. We didn't know better and believed that pet stores or breeders were the best places to get dogs.  

At Poor Paws Rescue we take care in matching dogs with families.  Our goal is to find a great "fit".  We believe every dog we adopt out is an ambassador for all rescue dogs.

According to the ASPCA, 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters every year.  Of those, 3.3 million are dogs.  Of the dogs entering shelters, about 1.6 million are adopted, 670,000 are euthanized and 620,000 are returned to their owners.  These figures have been improving as more people understand the importance of spaying and neutering dogs and the value of rescuing a dog rather than buying a dog.